The IDDA programme aims to provide students with an articulated ground for imaging design and digital art with visual exploration. Students will gain in-depth knowledge and skills with conceptual frameworks in professional practices. They will be nurtured in an environment that opens to new ideas and creative possibilities. These provide graduates with competency in shaping the fast-changing nature of digital art within the contemporary context of imaging design.

Subjects of study include Imaging design, Digital art, Communicative Photography, Visual Communication, Studio Photography, Visual Narrative, Image Technology, Experimental Imaging & Video Art, Computational Art and Graphics, Typography & Information Design, Contemporary Photography, Exhibition & Curatorial Studies, Experience Design, Installation Art, Expanded Images, Photography & Visual Culture and Immersive Digital Art.  Facilities include a photography studio, a digital printing lab, a digital art lab, a film/TV production studio, a film editing laboratory, a sound recording studio, a surround sound mixing studio and an art studio.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Imaging Design and Digital Art Degree, students are well suited for a wide range of careers in the creative industries such as the film/TV production, news agency, photography studio and design house, TVC and Music Video production, documentary and corporate filmmaking, independent filmmaking and/or photography, publishing and mass media, advertising agency, as well as media education, gallery and Art Administration. Recent graduates have received offers for post-graduate studies from local and UK universities.

Alternative Imaging design and Production, Alternative Imaging design and Production, Art and Design Studio, Digital and Media Art, Exhibition and Curatorship, Experience Design as well as Photography Studio and Video Production. Graduates of this programme could further study in Hong Kong or overseas for postgraduate degrees.